Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about how MSP[RS] Resistant Starch.

“It was suggested to us by our vet and we immediately saw a reduction in scours when we started using it.”

– Dawn        

“Good for piglets from 1 to 2 weeks, and also to newly weaned piglets upon arrival to nursery, especially when they are having some diarrhea.”

– Ken        

“One more tool to offer our customer when facing scour challenge in early farrowing.”

– Dan Bussières      

“This help us to lower the pre weaning mortality specially during early and mid stage of piglets life.”

– Paul John       

“Saving piglets from dehydrating when scouring keeps more alive pigs, therefore giving us more pigs out the door for more profit.”

– Rebecca        

“MSP[RS] Resistant Starch worked well by improving the gut health of our piglets, and helped reduce scours!”

– ChiAnne Burke       

“MSP[RS] Resistant Starch works, with less piglet mortality, and more piglets weaned.”

– Mike Timm