Reduces Antimicrobial Usage

With the current movement towards reduced antibiotic usage, MSP[RS] Resistant Starch offers a cost-effective solution to mitigate disease outbreaks in the barn.  MSP[RS] Resistant Starch is a natural, non-pharmaceutical product that is demonstrated effective in reducing scours in piglets.

Producers are looking for natural tools that can help mitigate disease in the barn, and be as effective as an antibiotic growth promoter (AGP).  MSP[RS] is an effective strategy to reduce scours in the barn, keeping piglets healthier while maintaining Average Daily Gain (ADG). MSP[RS] is a One Health compliant approach to attain optimal health for animals using an all natural product. MSP[RS] has been demonstrated effective through academic trials and with millions of doses per year being sold to producers and integrators across North America.

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