MSP[RS] Resistant Starch

For Better Piglet Health Through All Life Stages


Gentle and safe to use with newborn piglets, this palatable product can be introduced to piglets as a drying agent that works quickly to ensure babies are warm and dry...


Improve intestinal health and build a better digestive system by developing the microbiome, starting day one! This product has been clinically proven to improve fecal scores and reduce scours in piglets.


Support healthy immune function by increasing the population of healthy flora and decreasing the pH levels in the gut, creating an environment that is unfavorable to harmful bacteria.


This dietary aid helps improve the absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in swine. It also helps to balance electrolytes and eases the process of dietary transition.

Improve Digestion

Promote Digestive Health

Prevent Scours

Strengthen Intestinal Microflora

Balance Litters

Even Out Litter Weights

Healthier Animals

Reduce Mortality Rates

One Health Compliant

Reduces Antimicrobial Usage

Early Life Solution

Start Piglets Day One!

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Good for piglets from 1 to 2 weeks, and also to newly weaned piglets upon arrival to nursery, especially when they are having some diarrhea.


It was suggested to us by our vet and we immediately saw a reduction in scours when we started using it.

DawnFast Genetics

One more tool to offer our customer when facing scour challenge in early farrowing.

DanGroupe Cérès Inc

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