Article Shows Increased Absorption of Calcium and Iron in Diets with Low Levels of Resistant Starch

A published study on resistant starch in feed demonstrates increases in the absorption of Calcium and Iron in three-week old piglets. MSP[RS] Resistant Starch is much higher in resistant starch content (minimum 60%) than the resistant starch used (16.4%) in the study making it a more cost effective solution.

10 Years of Resistant Starch Sales!

MSP Starch Products Inc is entering our 10th year of marketing and selling Resistant Starch to the swine industry. In the past 10 years, many large Canadian and US customers have realized the benefits of Resistant Starch as a permanent part of their production process: in the farrowing crate and as part of their feed. We appreciate our long-term customers and look forward to the opportunity to show many new producers the positive effects of MSP[RS] Resistant Starch on piglet health!

MSP[RS] Aids in Treatment of PEDv

US producers in Iowa and North Carolina have reported positive results in PEDv challenged herds by using MSP[RS]. Resistant starch, such as MSP[RS] provides fuel for a healthy epithelium in the colon, increasing villi height and depth. A healthier colon improves a young piglets ability to maintain water and nutrient absorption while disease challenged.

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